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Kitchen MacGyver: Turkey, Spinach and Leek Orzo

My husband loves orzo—whenever I announce that I’m making orzo for dinner, he perks up. This is a reaction that’s more significant if you know him because he doesn’t tend to get excited very often about food unless pizza, Ess-a-bagels or craft beer is on the menu. If you were to observe our uninhibited, list-free […]

Kitchen MacGyver: Mexi-Cali Black Bean Cakes

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about healthful and frugal finds at any grocery store, I thought it would be helpful to provide a recipe where the bulk of the main ingredients appear on the Top Five Cheap and Nutritious Whole Foods list. These black bean cakes provide a well-balanced blend of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, […]

Kitchen MacGyver: Potassium-filled Pasta

My fellow Competitor senior editor, Erin, makes me feel lazy. She’s currently training for Ultraman Canada in July … enough said. Erin, Linzay (the magazine’s copy editor) and I went for a pre-lunch jog to test new kicks for our trail shoe review (look for it in the August issue), and we talked about a […]