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We cover nutrition tips and advice to help you improve your running performance and keep you on track to meet your wellness goals.

Sports Science Update: Dehydrated? No Sweat.

A new study suggests that the fitter you are, the less hydration matters. It is well known that dehydration detrimentally affects exercise performance and increases thermoregulatory strain during exercise – at least in the exercise science laboratory. But in the real world, athletes routinely experience moderate levels of dehydration in training and competition without any […]

Body Weight And Running Performance

The new athlete engineered weight loss system Forze demonstrates how their product can be used to increase running performance. With the use of the Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill, we are able to see the direct correlation between body weight and performance.

Do Alcohol And Training Mix?

Is it possible to have a few drinks and still perform a successful training session the next day? The American College of Sports Medicine released a study about alcohol and athletic performance, and the results aren’t as clear cut as you may have thought. Scientifically speaking, how your body performs on alcohol depends entirely on […]

Does Yoga Lead to Healthier Eating?

Have you ever noticed that avid yoga exercisers are always skinny? A new study suggests there may be a reason for that. Scientists from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have shown that regular yoga exercisers eat more mindfully than other types of exercisers. Eating mindfully refers to paying attention to the body’s hunger and […]

Competitor Q&A: Amy Yoder Begley

Matt Fitzgerald caught up with 2009 USA 10,000m champion Amy Yoder Begley.  Amy discusses her relationship with her coach Alberto Salazar, what it’s like making such big gains in a short time and how she deals with Celiac Disease on a daily basis.

Sports Science Update: Pre-Race Breakfast Doesn’t Matter

As long as you consume enough carbs during the race, even skipping breakfast altogether won’t slow you down. There is some evidence that a low- or moderate-glycemic index pre-exercise meal (that is, a meal whose carbohydrate content is absorbed relatively slowly) enhances endurance performance compared to a high-GI meal. But the glycemic index of a […]

Flex Your Appetite

Written by: Dawn Jackson Blatner Vegetarianism is not just for vegetarians anymore. These days the growing health movement called flexitarianism is taking root and converting carnivores into veggie-loving folks. A flexitarian is someone who eats vegetarian food without quitting meat cold turkey. This plant-based eating style is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and […]

Fueling for the Long Haul

Written by: Nancy Clark Sports Nutritionist Nancy Clark has several ideas on how to enhance your marathon performance with winning nutritional strategies. 1. PACK IN GOOD CARBS Carbo-load on a daily basis to refuel your muscles during training. Carbohydrate-rich foods include pasta with tomato sauce, plain baked potatoes, rice, breads, cereals, fruits and juices. Carbohydrate-poor […]

Flexible Dieting

Like most people, nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner isn’t a vegetarian. But she knows that eating more plants is the best way for her clients to achieve a healthier diet and lose weight. Her new book, The Flexitarian Diet, offers ideas to help people get more fruits, vegetables into their diets without swearing off meat completely. […]

The Truth About Energy Bars

When you want to refuel and recover, the right energy bar can make all the difference. “New clinical studies show that carbohydrates combined with some protein supports better muscle refueling and rebuilding”, according to Angela Dorsey, Registered Dietitian and member of the American Dietetic Association. Carbs do not build or repair muscle – so it […]