Nutrition: Page 59

We cover nutrition tips and advice to help you improve your running performance and keep you on track to meet your wellness goals.

An Easy Way To Carry Fuel

If you’re a fan of Sport Beans jelly beans, now there’s an easy way to carry the little energy chews while you’re working out: the Sports Beans Bean Pod.  Shaped like—you guessed it—a jelly bean, the lightweight Bean Pod is made of black neoprene with a clip that attaches to any waistband or water belt. […]

Learning From The Young

I was poking around online the other day, just one of those random acts of surfing that begin so innocently and end up becoming a two-hour abuse of time, when I came upon a Runner’s World forum on the pros and cons of ice baths. I’m a big fan of them, and make my runners take […]

Runners Set New Personal Records With The Runner’s Diary

Next to running shoes, a training diary is the most important piece of training equipment a runner owns. Running coach and fitness journalist Matt Fitzgerald has improved upon this critical training tool with his new book, The Runner’s Diary: A Daily Training Log. Whether training to set a personal record in a 5K race or […]