Injury Prevention: Page 7

Dealing with a current injury? Have a chronic pain? Check out our many, many articles on how to prevent injuries, what to do when suffering from one and when to seek medical attention.

6 Injury-Reducing Exercises For Runners

Learn how to attain optimal hip flexor flexibility, improve core strength and stability, as well as gluteal strength and stability.

Tips on Confronting & Managing Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is frustrating to live with, especially for athletes and runners. Unlike the healing process of an acute injury, chronic pain last long after your body has restored itself. It’s kind of like a car alarm that goes off for no reason; but fortunately you can learn how to properly manage it and start […]

What You Need to Know About Osteitis Pubis

Many elites consider fourth place to be the worst. It’s just out of medal count, glory and often times, a paycheck. But for 29-year-old Saucony runner Laura Thweatt, her fourth place finish was the best outcome during the UAE Healthy Kidney 10k. The race marked her return to competition after a nearly year-long layoff due to […]