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Dealing with a current injury? Have a chronic pain? Check out our many, many articles on how to prevent injuries, what to do when suffering from one and when to seek medical attention.

An Education In Losing Your Shoes

Barefoot running expert Jason Robillard tells us the right way to run with nothing on your feet. Interview by: Mario Fraioli Ultramarathon runner and barefoot running expert Jason Robillard knows a thing or two about shedding your shoes. An educator by trade, Robillard has been teaching novice and experienced runners the right way to run […]

Ask The Experts: I Have Pain In My Calf. What Should I Do?

Dear Matt, I am a runner and I have a pain in my upper calf. What do you suggest I do? I run thrity miles a week. I have experiencd calf pains before on my opposite calf. Please message as soon as possible. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Sincerely, Karina D. […]

Where Do You Draw The Line?

In this new weekly feature on, oft-injured editors Courtney Baird and Mario Fraioli will offer advice on walking the fine line between peak fitness and injury or illness, as well as how to physically–and perhaps more importantly, mentally–keep yourself going when you’re unable to run. Written by: Courtney Baird There’s nothing quite like the feeling […]

Barefoot Running’s Best Advocate

Irene Davis makes the most credible case for barefoot running. Interview by: Matt Fitzgerald Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run, is a journalist. His advocacy of barefoot running thus carries no more weight than any individual testimonial. Daniel Lieberman, co-developer of the scientific hypothesis that human beings evolved as barefoot runners, is an evolutionary […]

Get The Support Of A Knee Brace Without The Bulk’s Sean McKeon got a chance to see one of the latest innovations in the world of knee support. A new company called Opedix has invented a set of running tights that will support your knee like a knee brace. Anyone that has run with a brace knows that it is not fun, but this […]

Aline Insoles—Customized Orthotics Without Breaking The Bank’s Sean McKeon met up with the developers of Aline Insoles to learn more about what makes their product different than other after market insoles. Aline offers you the customization of an orthotic but at a price that doesn’t look like a medical bill. Check out this new innovative way to add a little extra […]

This Is Not Your Average Foam Roller’s Sean McKeon had the chance to meet up with Trigger Point Performance Therapy’s founder Cassidy Phillips to get a first hand look at his take on the foam roller. Tigger Points’s foam roller, called The Grid, is unlike anything else on the market, so check it out!

Competitor Running On Twitter!

There is a new way to follow the team at Competitor Running, just follow us on Twitter! We will be updating our Twitter page daily to highlight new stories, training tips, race results, or even where you can find us at an event. Following Competitor Running on Twitter is the best way to stay on […]

Interview With Ultramarathoner Anton Krupicka

Bryon Powell caught up with Anton Krupicka just before the 2009 Leadville Trail 100. Anton has won this ultramarathon trail race twice and was looking for his third win. Although he didn’t end up getting this third victory, this is a great look into a the mind of a true hardcore untramarathoner. Learn a little […]