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Alan Culpepper Talks Racing Flats

Former US Olympian, and owner of Solepepper Sports, Alan Culpepper dives in to the subject of racing flats. As a former top American on the roads Alan knows all about what to look for in a racing flat. Check out Alan’s store at

A First-Hand Look At The Alter-G Antigravity Treadmill

We got the chance to take a first-hand look at the Alter-G antigravity treadmill that is used at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.  The Alter-G is one of the most exciting new innovations in injury prevention and is one of the most utilized pieces of equipment at the OTC.

Do I Really Need a Trail Shoe?

Author Bryon Powell shows how it’s done. Road running shoes work just fine on smooth trails. But when the going gets rougher, your footwear should get tougher. Written by: Bryon Powell Considering venturing off the pavement and onto dirt? Know this: you don’t need a trail shoe to run on trails. There is absolutely no […]

Alan Culpepper Discusses Lightweight Training Shoes

Former Olympian Alan Culpepper, and owner of Solepepper Sports, takes some time to dissect the running shoe category known as lightweight trainers. Alan breaks down the differences between a lightweight trainer and your daily trainer, and the correct times to utilize them. Check out Alan’s store at

Nike Launches New

Nike combines the popular Nike+ system with its traditional running website. Nike took a big step in innovation when they came out with the Nike+ system in 2006. The new is a full access portal for Nike+ and all of its functions. Along with the introduction of their new Lunarglide+ shoe, Nike introduces consumers […]

New Balance Made In USA “Documentary”

New Balance shoes are still made in the US, making them the last athletic footwear brand to make shoes domestically.  Although not all of their shoes are made in the US, the company is certainly proud of the fact they are still supporting US manufacturing. They have released a short little “documentary” of one town […]

Allen Culpepper Talks Trail Running Shoes

Former US Olympian distance runner, and owner of Solepepper Sports, Alan Culpepper breakes down all you need to know about trail running shoes. Alan breaks down the variations in trail shoes and helps you decide what direction you may want to go if you are in the market for some off-road shoes. (Video Fixed)

Girl Gear Review: Moving Comfort Sports Bras

Online editor Liz Hichens reviews sports bras from Moving Comfort in this week’s edition of Girl Gear. With most athletic companies it seems that the major engineering and design efforts go into big-ticket items such as tops, bottoms and shoes. Sports bras are often an after thought, with many companies using the same design over […]

Alan Culpepper Discusses Footwear Trends

Former US Olympian distance runner, and owner of Solepepper Sports, Alan Culpepper gives his take on the trends of running shoes and how shoes are becoming more supportive without becoming heavier and bulkier on your foot.

Love Your Bottle, Drink More

A new study shows it’s not just what you drink that matters, but also what you drink from. Past research has shown that athletes drink more and stay better hydrated when given access to a flavored sports drink than when provided with plain water. It has also been demonstrated that, in warm environments, athletes drink […]