Saucony 26 Strong

Morganne Hockett: Beat the (Post-Marathon) Blues

You registered for, trained and ran your marathon. Congratulations! But, after months of focus on a specific event, the lack of structure in the days and weeks after an “A” race, while relaxing at first, can be a bit of a letdown. You need some much needed recovery time, both mentally and physically, but that […]

Lindsey Hein: Coach-Approved Methods to Recover Right

You just ran a marathon. It might be your first, it might be your fifth, but either way you’ve just put your body through a heavy amount of stress both physically and physiologically. It’s imperative to take your recovery just as seriously as your training—even consider it part of your training plan! I recommend taking […]

Elizabeth Bailey Weil: 9 Tips for Marathon Recovery

Congratulations! You’ve got a 26.2 finisher’s medal hanging around your neck; now it is time to celebrate and begin your marathon recovery plan. Here are a few tips for the days following your marathon. Drink Immediately following a marathon, I attempt to drink an entire bottle of water (the standard 16oz size.) Next, drink a […]

Saucony 26Strong at the Chicago Marathon

Counted among the 45,000 runners registered for the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon were the members of Team 26Strong. This year marked the third year for the collaboration between Competitor and Saucony, pairing 13 experienced marathon mentors (coaches) with 13 first-time marathon runners (cadets). Coaches provided training plans and guidance for the cadets who […]

Katie Morse: 6 Ways to Celebrate After the Chicago Marathon

You trained, you ran and you crossed the finish line—now it’s time to celebrate! Read on for some of the best ways to celebrate in Chicago. 27th Mile Post Party Chicago loves to celebrate. After finishing such an iconic event, plan to make a stop at the 27th Mile Post Party and celebrate with your […]

Jessica Hofheimer: Flex Your Mental Muscles With a Mantra

No matter how well you train your legs and your heart to run 26.2 miles, you can literally prevent yourself from having a good race if you haven’t prepared your mind to handle the stress. Moments when you will question your abilities, resilience and desire to keep moving forward are inevitable. In fact, it is […]

Theodora Blanchfield: Taming the Taper Crazies

You’ve put in months of training, and race day is fast approaching. Your pre-race anxiety is at an all-time high and the one thing you want to do — running — is the one thing you need to cut back on. How is this even fair? Here’s how to cope with the crazies from someone […]

Michele Gonzalez: How to Shake Pre-Race Doubts

This past weekend I ran the fastest marathon of my life. It came on the heels of the best and most successful training cycle to date. But, as is often the case, the weeks leading up to the big race had me doubting my ability to race the way I wanted. This time was no […]

5 Reasons Why the Chicago Marathon Rocks

In just a few days, I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon with 45,000 of my BFFs. It’s my second time running the legendary race, and I can’t wait to share the experience with a close friend of mine that I’ve been training through the Saucony 26Strong program. When I heard that we’d be running Chicago, […]