Canadian runner Corey Bellemore lowered the world record for the beer mile twice this past summer. On July 28, at a beer mile race in Windsor, Canada, the 21-year-old Bellemore took 8 seconds off the existing record with a 4:39.56 effort. (A beer mile consists of drinking a 12-ounce beer, then running a lap on a 400-meter track and repeating that process three more times as fast as possible.)

Then three days later he dominated the second annual Beer Mile World Classic in London, winning with a 13-second margin in 4:34.35. Brandon Shirck, who placed third in the London race in 4:49.28, had lowered the U.S. record to 4:47.72 on July 17 in Aptos, Calif., good enough for fifth-best on the list of records.

American Erin O’Mara was the women’s winner at the BMWC in London in 6:43.35, well off the 6:08.51 women’s world record she set in in Austin, Texas, in 2015. How fast are those times? Consider that it’s hard enough for most people to drink four 12-oz. beers in less than 5 minutes, let alone run a fast mile while slurping down four brews.