I’ve thought about having a more vegetarian diet but my wife is very allergic to soy and beans, which is where a lot of vegetarians get their protein. What source of protein would you recommend to replace those?

Allan T.


Split peas, both yellow and green, are an excellent protein source for vegetarians who are allergic to soy and beans.


For those allergic to soy and beans I highly recommend lentils, split peas (yellow and green), and dal. These easy to find staples of most cultures around the world are packed with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Whole grains round out the amino acids that are missing in lentils and split peas, and can be incorporated as an excellent plant protein source. Seitan is a traditional Asian wheat gluten product that can be a great protein source for individuals without gluten sensitivities or allergies. Seitan can be used in recipes to replace meat much like tofu and tempeh. The non-soy protein powders I recommend are pea protein, brown rice protein and hemp protein. Although processed, they provide a dense source of plant protein that can be quick and easy to add to smoothies and other recipes. Nuts and seeds are lower in protein than other dense protein foods, but they are a great supplemental protein source not to mention the beneficial fats.

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