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Rewarding Running Progress

The PR Score program by Brooks and celebrates every track ahtlete's improvement, regardless of ability.

Breaking Long

HOKA hosts their own shoe-launching invitational, matched to their maximalist style, and comes away with a record.

Run ’Til They Catch You

The Wings for Life World Run is the most interesting, most fun—and largest—race you’ve never heard of.

Three Essential Running Exercises

If you only have a few minutes a week for strength work, do these exercises to improve running economy and reduce injuries.

That’s a Horrible Idea. What Time?

A running buddy sees your limitless potential, celebrates the best, tolerates the worst, and is always up for a questionable adventure—like a birthday run in the Grand Canyon.

Feet Hurt? Fix Your Hips

Problems in the feet often stem from structures farther up the chain. Here's how to strengthen those structures.