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Correct and Redirect

Starting Out Without Starting Over. By John Bingham   You never know when some tidbit of wisdom is going to drop into your life. Often the most salient advice comes when you least expect it. Like when getting a haircut. I’ve always had issues with my hair. As a kid, when I went to the […]

Come Together

You Might Be Surprised What Nietzsche And Your Running Buddies Have In Common.  By John Bingham The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche really got a bad rap. Either that or he needed a better publicist. There was that whole “God is dead” business that upset so many people and then there’s the “That which doesn’t kill […]

Personal Record

Still Waddling After All These Years. By John Bingham   This month I’m going to ask for a point of personal privilege. For those of you who don’t have Robert’s Rules of Order handy, a point of personal privilege is when, in the middle of a formal debate, someone feels the need to speak passionately […]

Keeping Up With Jonesy

We Can’t All Be World Record Holders, But We Can Certainly Think Like One. By John Bingham   One of the fringe benefits of writing this column is that I get to meet so many great people. Some are ordinary people who are changing their lives, or the lives of those they care about, through […]

The Inner Penguin

You Have To Start Somewhere, So Why Not Join A Group Whose Motto Is: “It’s Not About Being Slow. Really…”? By John Bingham   I’m a ’90s guy. Or at least I was. That all seems so 20th century now. I’m not ready to call myself a “zero” guy, but I’ll bet there are others […]

Aged To Perfection

Two Veteran Runners Continue To Prove That It’s Never Too Late To Excel-And Inspire. By John Bingham   The late, great baseball pitcher Leroy “Satchel” Paige is often quoted as having said, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” He also said, “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining […]

Accidental Athletes

Some Athletes Are Born. Then There Are Those (Like Me) Who Become Athletic Purely By Accident. By John Bingham You’ve seen the type. I was the youngster who took the wild hook shot that somehow went in the basket. I was the Little Leaguer who circled under a towering fly ball, held out his hands, […]

The Endurance Factor

At The Antarctica Marathon, You Must Sometimes Deal With Defeat Before Knowing If You’ve Succeeded. By John Bingham There’s a reason why Antarctica was the last continent on which a marathon was staged: The chance for success there is always overshadowed by the near certainty of failure. Even the greatest Antarctica explorers have learned this […]

While You Were Out

Need A Reason To Listen To Your Body? Try Watching Runners Undergo Surgery. By John Bingham   Most of us see only the ceilings of operating rooms. We’re wheeled in on a gurney, moved to the operating table, where we take a few whiffs of something, and the next thing we know we’re in recovery. […]

Stranger In Paradise

Honolulu’s Marathon Has A Few PR’s But Many Best Times. By John  Bingham I managed to get to the Honolulu Marathon starting line at 5 a.m. last December, but it certainly didn’t feel normal. First off, I’m not a “morning person.” The idea of running at 5 in the morning rarely crosses my mind. When […]