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Stranger In Paradise

Honolulu’s Marathon Has A Few PR’s But Many Best Times. By John  Bingham I managed to get to the Honolulu Marathon starting line at 5 a.m. last December, but it certainly didn’t feel normal. First off, I’m not a “morning person.” The idea of running at 5 in the morning rarely crosses my mind. When […]

Going With The Flow

Why Runners Should Set Their Sights On Their Next Steps, Instead Of Where They’ve Already Been. By John Bingham It’s been said that you can never put your foot in the same river twice. Rivers are alive, flowing, and in constant motion. The river that was there a moment ago is long gone. The same […]

Running Forever

In His 100th Column, The Author Remember How His Running Life Began, And Why It’ll Never Get Old. By John Bingham   There was a time when becoming a runner was the farthest thing from my mind. Runners were, or so I thought, a lost group of tortured souls with tortured soles, achy muscles, and […]

The Edge Of Running

Our Sport Lets Us Boldly Go Where Few People Go Anymore–To The Unknown. By John Bingham Those of us growing up in the 1950s had one big advantage over today’s kids. No, we didn’t have PlayStation or GameCube. There were no MP3 players, no iPods, no cell phones. No cable–we didn’t even have color TV. […]

The Doors

The Surest Route To Running Satisfaction May Be The Path Of Least Resistance.  By John Bingham   My grandfather had many favorite expressions—nearly all of which are unfit for publication. But the one he used often as a means of defusing disappointment over some failure was: “When one door closes, another door opens.” In the […]