Remember when you went for your first run and all you had was a pair of running shoes. That wasn’t so bad, now was it?

Written by Linzay Logan

Running is a relatively minimalist sport. All you truly need is a pair of running shoes and you’re good to go—heck, barefoot runners would argue you don’t even need those! With all the cool technology that has been created for runners we have gotten used to having all sorts of luxury items at our fingertips. It is nice to have GPS when I’m speed training and I know some of you will insist that you have to have your trail shoes for trail running, but take a step back and remember when you went for your first run. It was probably in high school or college and all you had was a pair of running shoes. That wasn’t so bad, now was it?

Every once in a while ditch all your tech gadgets and run for the joy of running. Here are eight things every runners wants (or has) but doesn’t really need.

GPS watch. They are very helpful especially when training to get faster, but an old fashioned watch is sufficient—or try running without any timing device and run as long as it you feel like running. It can be really nice to do this every once in a while.

MP3 Player. You can run without listening to music. You can.

Foam Roller or Massage Stick. These stretching tools are helpful, but old school stretching works. For the knot in your back or your leg that you just can’t get, use a tennis ball, baseball or even a frozen water bottle.

A different running outfit for every day of the week. That’s why washing machines and dryers are so popular.

Heart Rate Monitor. Unless your doc says it’s absolutely necessary for you to use a HRM when you run you are probably good without one. Instead, rely on perceived exertion when deciding to take your training up a notch or slow it down.

Different shoes for every terrain. You can run on the road, trails and track in the same pair of shoes. Just because there are specific shoes made for trail running doesn’t mean you can’t wear your normal running shoes on the dirt.

Hydration Belt—Stick a gel in your pocket and run where there are water fountains instead. Imagine how much faster you’ll be not carrying around those extra few pounds of H2o.

Coffee. Actually, I take it back. This is absolutely necessary. There is no getting me out of bed if there isn’t a cup of coffee, espresso or a latte nearby.