Find the right light for your night with help from our guide.

Shorter days mean dawn and dusk runners may find themselves in the dark on daily runs. Thankfully there are lights for that—lots of them!

Headlamps give hands-free light exactly where you look. If you run with a pack, a pack-mounted design provides plenty of light on its own or can be used in addition to a headlamp for extra night brightness and a wider field of vision. If handhelds are more your thing, there are easy to carry designs that trump older flashlights.

For maximum safety, make sure you can be seen as well as you can see. Incorporating high visibility colors, reflective accents and flashing lights (that can be seen from behind) into your night running kit are smart ways to stay safe.

Black Diamond Sprinter
Energizer Headlight 6LED
GoMotion FUSION Backpack Light
Light & Motion Solite 250 EX
Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 Hand Torch
Princeton Tec Sync