The marathon is a tall task, whether it’s your first time running 26.2 miles or your 50th. To equal each mile you’ll cover, here are top tips, smart suggestions and expert insights to help ensure you have the best possible race day.

1. Set A Goal
2. Gear Up
3. Alternate Shoes
4. Keep A Log
5. Find A Partner
6. Routine Rules
7. Get Strong
8. Develop A Need For Speed
Throwing some intervals into your training — even once a week — will make you a better and faster runner. Photo:
9. Test Tired Legs
10. Learn How To Rest
11. Keep The Tank Full
12. Feel The Energy
13. Just Add Salt
14. Have Dress Rehearsals
15. Train Your Mind
16. Embrace The Suck
17. Tune Up
18. Don’t Over-Taper
19. Make a list.
20. Enjoy The Race Expo — But Not Too Much
21. Run The Day Before
22. Warm Up
23. Start Slow
24. Divide The Race In Half
25. Smile
26. Thank A Volunteer
26.2. Celebrate!