Running on behalf of more than 200 non-profit organizations, charity runners for the 121st year of the historic Boston Marathon raised $34.2 million for charity. It is a $3.6 million increase from 2016 and marks the ninth consecutive year a new fundraising record was set.

Most of the fundraising runners received charity bibs in association with specific non-profits—specific programs set by the B.A.A. and John Hancock—enabling runners to fundraise for an organization of their choice.

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The final amount was raised through a few different programs, with $17.96 million raised through the Boston Athletic Association’s Official Charity Program, $12.3 million raised through John Hancock’s Non-Profit Program, and $3.97 million from other qualified and invitational runners.

“As we reflect on this year’s race and the enormous fundraising it generated, we’re again reminded of the power of our community,” said B.A.A. CEO Tom Grilk in a press release. “While the race means so much to those who compete within it, it means just as much for the communities which surround it. We’re honored to be associated with such profound goodwill.”

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Over the past 32 years, the official B.A.A. Charity Program and John Hancock’s Non-Profit Program have combined to raise more than $297 million for community-based organizations. In 2017, CrowdRise was used as a centralized fundraising platform for the race and the non-profit organizations involved, along with personal stories, can be found at