$12.99, swiftwick.com

Highlight: Barefoot-like feel that can go the distance.
The Aspire Zero might be the platonic ideal of an everyday, low-cut, thin running sock. It stays cool, comfortable and unbunched throughout a run, without any obtrusive seam stiches.

$18, stance.com

Highlight: Hipster-approved styling in a legit run sock.
This action-sports sock maker’s first foray into running is a solid one. The construction and materials are all up to snuff for even the most finicky mileage hogs—socks all feature cushioning, decent moisture wicking, flat stitching, and comfortable toes and heels. Stance’s array of cool prints and patterns is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes-dorky world of running apparel.

$10.99, Lorpennorthamerica.com

Highlight: Plush comfort for a long day on the trail.
This trail sock offers a comfy footbed and a luxuriously soft textile blend, with nylon added in high friction zones. But unlike some trail-specific socks, this Spanish company’s warm-weather trail sock stays cool in the heat of day. The elastic support system keeps the sock firmly in place.

$60, cepcompression.com

Highlight: Top compression in a run-ready sock.
For those who like the added support of a compression sock, CEP’s running line is hard to beat. For use during and/or after a run, this over-the-calf sock delivers a solid squeeze all the way up the shin. The sock feels seamless around the foot, and its padded footbed and flat toe seam feel great whether you’re pounding the pavement or putting your feet up afterward.

$44.95, 2xu.com

Highlight: Comfort and support for your lower leg.
One thing nearly everyone can agree on about compression is that it reduces calf-muscle oscillation—many people enjoy the added stability during a long run. These sleeves seemingly lock your calves in place, and can also provide a bit of extra warmth, in addition to offering compression’s usual purported benefits during and after a run.