$160, salomon.com

Highlight: Form-fitting hydration.
Salomon has made a good backpack great by simplifying the prior version and reducing its weight by 30 percent for 2015. The two front-loading 17-ounce soft flask bottles are high enough on the chest to drink from without removing—no tubes required. The breathable mesh construction and new chest strap do the impossible: wrap tight enough to remove pack-bounce, yet allow your chest to comfortably expand when breathing.

$25, ultraspire.com

Highlight: Next-generation ergonomic design
The new ISO Versa handheld strap allows you to hold your bottle in any number of new positions (including further up your forearm). And more options equals more comfort. The softer plastic and smaller bottle improves hand feel and works better for smaller hands, while still carrying 20 fluid ounces.

$200, nathansports.com

Highlight: Long-haul pack for infinite possibilities
Nathan’s improvement on the award-winning VaporWrap weighs less and carries more. The Bladder Control System puts an end to sloshing by enabling on-the-fly compression and pack weight stabilization. Its expandable storage capacity of 11 liters, best-in-class magnetic hydration tube clip, trekking pole attachments, and .75-liter side pockets make this a versatile option for long runs and races.

$23, ultimatedirection.com

Highlight: The ultimate shape-shifting bottle.
The BPA-Free TPU plastic is pliable and collapsible, making it more comfortable to carry than a traditional hard plastic bottle. This also means it only takes up the space of the actual liquid you’re carrying, and when it’s empty, it virtually disappears into your pack. Its clear plastic also allows you to easily monitor your fluid intake, and features a high-flow bite valve. Weighing just one ounce, it can carry 18 fluid ounces.

$42, fuelbelt.com

Highlight: Flair for your waist.
The two easy-on-your teeth 7-ounce silicone-capped bottles sit against Fuel Belt’s proprietary supportive foam, which provides superior breathability while keeping this pack lightest in class. The Super-Stretch elastic band includes a phone pocket, bib number attachments, and four gel loops, and the Velcro closure gives a secure, comfortable fit even when loaded.