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The Road to the Marathon

Top American marathoners detail every mile of their training—and every meal—in the weeks leading up to Boston 2019

3 Weeks out: Lindsay Flanagan’s Marathon Training

A Week of Boston Marathon Fueling: Becky Wade’s Food Diary

5 Weeks Out: Jared Ward’s Marathon Training

8 Weeks Out: Dathan Ritzenhein’s Marathon Training

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Strategies for being more environmental as a runner can range from reducing the trash you produce on race days to using running as transportation—or combining it with cleaning up your neighborhood.


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This long, gradual ascent up Skytop mountain in New Paltz, New York provides a steady, relentless training effect, as well as inspiring scenery.

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On Cloudswift Review: 100 Mile Rundown

The On Cloudswift is a comfortable and light, yet powerful, shoe to put in your rotation for up-tempo running—as long as you're not looking for a lot of security and traction.


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