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Hit the Hills

Hills are always your friends if you want to become a better runner—but especially now when you want to build strength and power for the long haul with minimal risk.

Why Hills Are Your Friends During an Extended Offseason

Climb Your Way to Speed

3 Key Hill Workouts That Target Speed, Strength and Endurance

Why Hill Reps Make You Faster, According to Science

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Strava Adds New Route Feature

Strava's new feature leverages its vast database to automatically create runable loops that match your criteria.


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The Reality of Eating for Immunity

Spoiler alert! Those incessant emails offering the secret sauce or supplement for 100% strength immunity are 100% false. Time to rely upon science-based, expert-approved foods and supplements that actually work to support your immune system.


No Race? No Space? No Problem.

The cancellation of the Pittsburgh Marathon didn't stop ultra-runner Jeff Gleason any more than a knee replacement did.