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How To Train For a Marathon

Top American runners—and a coach—share details of their training leading up to fall marathon success.

Marathon Training: The Final Hard Week

Ritz on Running: How to Train for a Marathon PR

Three Weeks out from Toronto: Becky Wade’s Marathon Training

5 Weeks Out from Chicago: Lindsay Flanagan’s Marathon Training

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Come here to find everything from strength-training workouts to distance-specific exercises and how to PR on your next race.


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Midsole Madness

No longer variations of vanilla, today’s running shoe midsoles come in a variety of flavors, combining innovative materials to create curated rides for every runner.


We cover nutrition tips and advice to help you improve your running performance and keep you on track to meet your wellness goals.

Race Weekend Marathon Fueling

Five elite marathoners from around the world detail their pre-race meals and in-race fuel—and their diets are surprisingly similar.

Nutrition Strategies to Optimize Performance

A new study presents the best strategies to reduce glycogen depletion, low blood sugar, dehydration, central fatigue, muscle damage, and heat illness in hot weather.